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The course will be taught by artist, designer and professor Marcellus Nishimoto and will take place:

Saturday, March 07  in  2020  

7h duration (from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm)

Location: Color Space 

Rua 105-D n.24

South Sector


A maximum of 20 participants will be allowed.  




BRL 300.00 (three hundred reais). 

The amount is paid up to one day before the course. Payment can also be made by credit card (payments plus card interest).


Enrollment in the course is confirmed through a deposit, bank transfer or payment made directly at Espaço Cor.  Payment entitles you to a 7-hour class. The class is not cumulative: once the class is missed due to absence, there is no replacement at another time or reimbursement of the amount paid.


More information:

Whatsapp   62 98519-7606  (Color Space)



Nishimoto studied Visual Communication and Graphic Design at the University of Brasilia (1999), the city where he lived for 17 years.  The grandson of Japanese people, who provided the artist with direct contact with Japanese culture, in 2008 he returned to his hometown, Goiânia, where he now lives and works.  Act  as a visual artist, designer and art director  in different modalities  like fashion,  branding, editorial and illustration.  He also worked as a professor at a higher level in several graphic design disciplines (History of Art and Design, Typography, Graphic Analysis, Projects and TCC Guidance).  He currently develops teaching work in the areas of Drawing ,  Watercolor  and History of Art in the course The Art of Seeing located at Espaço Cor .  



The objective of the course is to approach the various stages of the historical moment. The main artistic creations of these periods of art will be presented, with explanations about the works, the artists and the historical and social moment of the context. There will be a technical and critical analysis of the artistic productions and a discussion of the cultural impact that these works produced on society: their direct influences on the behavior and customs of each period.




- The Belle Époque (1871-1914)

- Post-Impressionism

- The Fauvists

- Primitivism, Cubism and Abstraction 

- German Expressionism

- Futurism

- Dadaism

- surrealism

- Art Nouveau (1890-1920)

- Art Deco (1910-1939)

- Bauhaus: minimalism and functionality

- The golden age of Jazz



The course lasts 7 hours, with the first part taking place from 9 am to 12 pm and the second part from 2 pm to 6 pm.  We issue a course certificate.



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We look forward to your participation!

We appreciate your interest and attention.

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